What is Fire Protection Services?

When it comes to accidents that involve fire, it is the job of firefighters and the fire department to provide fire protection services to the people whose properties are on fire. This is because if no one responds to this emergency, the fire will quickly spread to the neighboring houses around the burning house. This is why it is the job of the fire department to react quickly and provide immediate assistance to prevent further damage and loss of life. Fire fighters are people who are trained to handle fires and put out fires, in which they also provide fire protection services to the people in need.

The fire department is the one that houses these fire fighters and alerts them if any fire related accidents happen within their area of responsibility. When this happens, the fire alarm in their office goes off and the fire fighters drop everything they are doing and will go directly to their fire trucks and respond to the area in which the fire has started. When they get there, they will form two groups or companies. Fire fighters call their groups as companies, this is divided into two companies, the ladder company and the engine company.

The ladder company is the one that provides fire protection services of Fire Suppression Systems are the ones who are responsible in rescuing items and people that are trapped inside a burning building or house. The ladder company is fully equipped with ladders, hooks, sledgehammers and many more. These tools are necessary because it will enable the fire fighters to access parts of the building that cannot be accessible by using doors or stairs because of the raging fires. They also use their hammers and hooks to take down doors and walls so that it can provide them with a better route to the people trapped inside the building or property. Check this post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefighting_in_the_United_States.

The engine company on the other hand, is responsible for putting out the fires using water. The engine company has a fire truck that is specifically built to store water inside it, but the water inside the fire truck is not that much and the fire fighters need to find the nearest fire hydrant so that they can connect their hoses in order for them to gain unlimited amounts of water so that they can spray it all over the burning building or property to put out the fires. There are Hydrostatic Testing companies who can do regular checks on your equipment.